Welcome!  The Chang Lab is a new lab working at the interface of chemistry and biology in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Cornell University.


Jan. 2018              Welcome new CCB graduate student, Hanna Shebert, to the lab!

Dec. 2017            Great job, Samantha, for passing her A exam!  Congrats!!

Sept. 2017           Congratulations to Gael for passing his A exam!  Bravo!!

Sept. 2017           The Chang Lab welcomes undergraduate Hyoann Choi to the group!  Welcome, Hyoann!!

Aug. 2017            Our lab's research is the focus of Cornell Research!  Go, Team!!

Aug. 2017            Congrats to Bibudha for passing his A exam!  Way to go, Champ!!

May 2017            Congratulations to Pam for receiving a Beckman Young Investigator Award and thank you to the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation for their
                              support!  Check out the recent news article in the Cornell Chronicle.

Apr. 2017            The Chang Lab participates in the Expanding Your Horizons (EYH) Outreach Program at Cornell, hoping to inspire young women to pursue
                             careers in STEM fields (check out our photos in the gallery!).

Mar. 2017           Congrats to Samantha for receiving an NSF GRFP Honorable Mention!

Jan.  2017            Another shout-out for Bibudha's recent paper in the Cornell Daily Sun!
Nov. 2016           Bibudha's recent paper was highlighted by the Cornell Chronicle!

Oct. 2016            Kudos to Bibudha for his paper being accepted to Chemical Science!!  Job well done!

June 2016           Congratulations to Gael for being selected for the Chemistry Biology Interface Training Program!

May 2016           Congrats to Pam for receiving an Affinito-Stewart Grant and thank you to the PCCW for their support!

May 2016           Kudos to Samantha for being awarded the CALS Outstanding TA Award!

May 2016           Welcome new graduate student, Gael!

April 2016          Welcome new graduate student, Samantha!

Mar. 2016          Congratulations to Samantha for an Honorable Mention in the NSF GRFP competition this year!

Mar. 2016          Welcome BMCB rotation student Gael Nicolas to the lab!

Feb. 2016           Welcome Microbiology rotation student Samantha Scott to the lab!

Nov. 2015          Welcome CCB graduate student Bibudha Parasar and BBS rotation student Sabrina Solouki to the lab!

August 2015      Welcome Microbiology rotation student Stacey Heaver to the lab!

July 2015            The Chang Lab is up and running!  Please get in touch if you are interested in joining our group.